Ed Keener (INTJ) is an entrepreneur specializing in web development for fellow entrepreneurs. He has an appreciation for network marketing and enjoys helping bring their vision to life. His family resides in Seattle (SeaTac) Washington where they work, attend church and school. Having grown up in an Air Force family constantly on the move, Ed is accustomed to changes that life brings. He has worked in several technology fields starting with avionic electronics while serving in the Alaska Air National Guard. Through the years he’s gained experience in telecommunications, electronic banking, computer networking, and real estate. With an appreciation for creativity and technology, web design and development are a natural fit for his personality.

Ed and his family enjoy traveling abroad, going to theme parks, and RV camping in the great Pacific Northwest. His hobbies include gardening, woodworking, and watching The Flash and Eureka episodes with his teen daughter. He has varying interests which include innovative technologies, physics, astronomy, and creating the perfect beef stew recipe.

Ed’s services including freelance web design, website hosting, and technical consultation. He is in the development phase of creating his own network, AffilliateAlliance.ws, which will provide website hosting, education and incorporate an affiliate program for online entrepreneurs.

Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way

That was the motto that greeted me to my Basic Military Training Squadron, the 3707th, in October of 1988. I was 19 years old at the time riding in a blue bus along with a bunch of other fresh recruits. Most of them had enlisted in the Air Force while I chose to enlist in the Alaska Air National Guard. Even so, the same training was required. Lead, follow or get out of the way. I pondered upon those words while waiting to disembark the bus. Some people seemed naturally endowed with leadership qualities while others work overtime to develop leadership know-how; but what is it to be a great leader? What’s the “right stuff”? Some would cite a take-charge attitude, or a magnetic, charismatic personality, or one that exudes an aura of authority commanding respect of those around them. While these are certainly valuable assets for leadership, I submit that what makes a great leader is the heart of a servant.

I am a Christian. I mention this because to understand a little about who I am you must first know Whose I am. My Christian faith is an integral and inseparable part of me that influences my philosophy, thought process, and decision making.

In the scripture, there is a lesson of leadership like no other and can be found in the book of John chapter 13. You do not have to share in my Christian faith to glean the truth from this telling. It recounts the story of Jesus and His disciples had gathered in the room and lingering after sharing a meal. Jesus quietly gets up and prepares a basin of water and gets a towel. One by one He kneels at His followers’ feet unbuckles their sandals and proceed to wash their feet. Is there a humbler station that this? The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Christ, Son of the Living God, the One who spoke the universe into existence is kneeling before those that call Him master and washing their feet. Imagine for a moment this historic scene. His followers were rather taken back by this action, never conceiving this act as possible. And yet Jesus persisted in this way to serve those that followed Him.

Now as a young man of 19 I was cognitively aware of this principle. However, a deeper appreciation and real-world application came along with age. In business, it’s natural for us to look out for number one. But one major aspect of network marketing businesses appealed to me. In order to have great success in network marketing you must put the interest of others before your own. By profession, I am a freelance web developer. So, I use my skills and talents to augment the online tools of my downline. This might mean creating unique lead capture pages, email forms, or page rotators. Whatever is needed by the team to elevate them. Their success then becomes my success because I have chosen to serve their needs. Chances are that your abilities lie elsewhere but many skills are easily transferable to growing a network. Are you bilingual? Do you excel in public speaking? Maybe you have great organization skills or are artistic. Whatever the ability, seek to apply it to serve those that follow you into the business. Maybe you’re just getting started and do not have a downline. I suggest communicating with your upline and other members of the team and inquire about what their needs are. I promise you; your efforts will not return void. You will be a blessing to others and in turn be blessed.

Focus at What You’re Aiming At

As a teenager, my sister and I would often spend weeks at a time during the log days of summer visiting my grandparents in Nikiski, Alaska. A nearby property owner had kept huskies but in a very irresponsible fashion. The dogs roamed freely and bred until they numbered greater than a hundred. Half domesticated, half wild, these dogs would pack up and invade bordering properties and create concern for safety.  It got to the point that my grandpa had to use his .22 rifle to either scare them away or, if the did this mistake of returning, put them down. He loathed having to kill dogs but did not see any other alternatives. One sunny afternoon, three dogs appeared at the end of the gravel drive. My grandpa brought out his .22 but I pleaded with him to allow me to scare them away. It did not take much convincing on my part. I grabbed a rock that fit neatly in the palm of my hand. The middle dog, the leader, was watching me and we locked eyes. The three of them just stood there roughly 20 yards away from us, observing. Keeping my eyes dead on the lead dog I reached out and lobbed that rock with a high arc into the air. With the dog and I gazing at one another, time seemed to be suspended as I waited for the rock to reach it’s intended target. Suddenly my grandpa and I heard a loud crack while the lead dog simultaneously let out a loud yelp and collapsed on all fours. The rock had found its target square on the top of the dog’s head. With incredulous haste, the lead dog then leaped up and all three vanished, never to be seen again. My grandfather and I had trouble catching our breath with all the laughter of having witnessed this spectacle. After gaining his composure, my grandpa exclaimed “You should have let me shoot the dog, it would have hurt less!”. Maybe so, but they all got to live a little longer and perhaps warned their friends to stay away from that place.

If you desire to hit your mark, you must remain focused upon it. There is a lot of noise in our modern world vying for our attention. There are various methods one may employee (network marketing, affiliate marketing, direct sales, product creation, and so on) by which money can be made. There are many fine companies one can choose to align themselves with. Allowing ourselves to be sidetracked by the latest shiny object will only serve in separating our money from our packets and distract us from the prime target. Pick a heading and stay true to the course. Exercise patients and work the system that’s laid out before you. After that operation takes root and begins to grow more on its own accord, then lift your head and allow yourself to seek out other opportunities. Once you have found the next venture, rinse and repeat. This is how to build multiple streams of income. It begins with focus.  

Putting Your Best (Digital) Self Forward

During my short stint as a real estate agent, my mentor taught me something of importance that I’ll never forget. I had asked him why he changed real-estate firms and if he was concerned over the impact it would have on his clientele base. He explained that the new firm offered more favorable terms than his previous one had. Then to address part two of my inquire he replied “People do business with people. They do not care about which real-estate company you’re with.”

While there are varying aspects of what makes one online marketer more successful than their fellow marketers, I’ll be focusing upon one vital aspect. Something I had observed early on my exploration of network marketing was that the highly successful marketers had an online presence all their own. They do not rely upon company replicated websites but create their own. Lead capture, newsletter, you name it, it’s their own. Why? Because people do business with people. Promote yourself first and then present your business opportunity. Whatever the affiliate program or network marketing company you’re aligned with matters less. Most likely there are plenty of other reps in the same network as you are in. Be uniquely you and give people a reason why they should join you, not you network company. What carries great importance is making a personal connection with people in your team. Here I’ll be sharing some practical and actionable insights on how you can present your best digital self to the world.

Domain Name

A domain name is the beginning of good SEO (search engine optimization). Invest time in its inception.

Basic Guidelines

  1. Avoid using misspelled words, numbers, and hyphens. The misspelling of words in a domain name is sometimes used for branding or because the correct spelled word was already taken. Although it might be clever and fun to come up with alternative spellings (affliatetracks.com becomes affil8trax.com) doing so makes ranking more difficult. It then become necessary to invest time and money into a branding campaign and detracting your focus from building your business.
  2. Keep it short. Have you heard of “long-tail” domains? These are domain names the read like a sentence such as howtogetthebestdomainnamesintheworld.com. The intended strategy here is that someone will enter a Google search on “how to get the best domain names in the world” and because the domain name is an exact match of the search, it’ll appear near the top of the results. Search engine algorithms are more demanding that that, however, the strategy can work in certain applications. For your best digital self, a much more people-friendly domain name is necessary. After all, no one is going to type out a sentence to visit your website.
  3. Consider using your name as the domain name. What better way to represent your best digital self than naming your website after you? Naturally, the more common and phonetically spelled the name, the easier it’ll be for people to find online. However, even if you name has a unique spelling, I’d recommend getting it registered. Your name will be on your business cards and newsletters and it’s uniquely you.
  4. Make it relevant. If you’re an entrepreneur, then using your name is highly relevant. Alternatively, if you have set up an LLC or some other corporate structure, then register your company’s name as the domain. For myself, I’ve registered both my name and company’s name and I recommend you do the same. If you have not yet set up a company but are considering doing so, then search the name bot as a company and domain name before coming to a decision. After all, you do not want to create an LLC named Awesome Networks to only find out later that awesomenetworks.com was already taken.

Service Providers

When seeking out service providers for your online presence avoid relying on “Top 10” lists. In most cases, these are created by people that have affiliate links to all 10 vendors on their list. They’re not interested in providing real information but are simply after the commission. Instead, search out real customer feedback. When it comes to domain registrars and hosting providers, costs range greatly. For hosing providers, quality of service and technical support is vital so do not default to the lowest cost. For my recommendations please visit my site, EdKeener.com. I do use affiliate links but you’re not going to get a long list of options and I only recommend services I use.


It’s common practice for entrepreneurs to have a website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, a Google ‘My Business’ profile and so on. Be sure as much as the various platforms will allow that visually there’s a cohesiveness throughout these properties. Avoid giving mixed messages regarding your services. For example, if you’re a professional wedding photographer, then avoid the temptation of having a landscape photography in your Instagram account. 

CMS (Content Management System)

When it comes to presenting your online masterpiece there’s no shortage of options. I’m a fan of WordPress. WordPress can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. For beginners, it provides an easy to use means of implementing a countless supply of themes and plugins. There are now several high-quality page builders available to WordPress users which gives more flexibility than traditional themes but without the need of knowing code. For sites I develop I use Elegant Theme’s Dive Builder. It’s powerful enough to do what’s needed and yet simple enough that when the time comes to hand over the reins to the site owner, I can teach them how to maintain and post to their site.

There is one constant in the tech world – it is always changing. The world trend of connecting to the Internet through mobile devices continues to rise. While I endorse the use of WordPress I would be remised not to mention the utilization of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

AMP was developed by Google to provide content very quickly to mobile users. It is primarily used for articles and static content however it can be used to develop an entire website. When implemented a lot of the content is housed on Googles servers and information to mobile visitors is presented much faster than more traditional websites. 

PWA is an attempt to blend a traditional website with the functionality of a mobile app. This hybrid allows a mobile visitor to have an icon appear on their mobile phone and this acts as a shortcut to your site. It also allows the site owner to send out push notifications. However, using a PWA as the sole CMS does not necessarily grant super-speed content deliver. The forward-thinking entrepreneur will use PWA as a shell around AMP content. In this way you’ll get the functionality of PWA and the speed advantages of AMP.

When creating your corner of the Internet there’s a lot of factors to consider. While I’ve provided some insights here it is not meant to be comprehensive. I enjoy assisting entrepreneurs in brining their uniqueness alive online. Please feel free to contact me through my website.